Ballot Referendum Response Kit: “Vote No”


FOR LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Before you order this product, be advised that you will need a name and address printed on the materials to disclaim who paid for the materials. Be ready with your public-facing name/organization and address before placing your order.

If your state is facing a pro-abortion ballot referendum where voters will consider enshrining abortion through all nine months in your state’s constitution, then this kit is for YOU!

Our Ballot Referendum Response Kit is a customized expansion of our general materials tailored to your state and ballot referendum situation. Once you place your order, our team will have a quick consultation with you, so we can design & print the materials that will meet the needs of your community. We’ll also work with you to ensure all materials have the correct legal compliance disclaimers as you and your volunteers distribute this educational information.

With the materials and training from our team, YOU can make a difference and urge voters to VOTE NO on your state’s ballot referendum. Together, we can equip you with the resources to fight back!

Ballot Referendum Response Kit Materials:

  • 200 Vote No Door Hangers
  • 50 Vote No Topic Cards
  • 50 Vote No Church Bulletins
  • 25 Recruitment Topic Cards
  • 20 Vote No Flyers
  • 5 Recruitment Flyers
  • 1 Leadership Book
  • 1 Standing With You Community Advocate Tee
  • 1 Campaign Strategy Guidebook
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